Build Big Buzz

No modern digital marketing program is complete without a sound social media strategy.

Now your business can enjoy the “buzz” generated by modern word of mouth advertising. Chansen Interactive provides a full suite of social media management services, including Facebook ad management.

Set-up services: pages, profiles



Monitor customer sentiment

Ad management


Social media is only effective when all of the elements are in play. You need advertisements to drive traffic to your page, outstanding content to keep people interesting, and an engaging, two-way conversation with your customers which helps you to build and maintain relationships with them.
Branded Profile Pages

Get branded social pages for customers to like, follow, and interact with. They’ll be a perfect match to your website, which offers customers a seamless marketing experience. We’ll also link your social sites to your web pages, creating a steady flow of traffic between the two properties.

Post Scheduling and Account Updates

Who has time to be on social all the time? Chansen Interactive’s social media team does! Our social experts use the latest scheduling tools to keep your pages active and interesting, freeing you to focus on building your business.

Forward-Facing Customer Service

Answering customer questions. Generating conversations and leading discussions. Our social media team keeps you connected to your customers in a powerful new way. Your customers love the accessibility and the fast responses.

Review and Reputation Management

We’ll thank customers for each great review. We’ll work with you to craft responses to the tricky ones. Social media is a powerful tool for keeping an eye on customer sentiment. We also help you avoid pitfalls like flame wars and hashtag fails, which means you continue to enjoy the goodwill of your community.

Generate Followers with Social Pay Per Click Ads

Social media ads are a powerful new way to reach your customers. Boost posts to forward special offers, generate new followers and likes, and drive more traffic to your primary website. We’ll help you set a budget that makes sense, and we’ll help you make the most of it with compelling graphics, strong ad-copy, and smart demographic targeting.

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