What Small Businesses Can Learn from Maersk’s Facebook Strategy | Social Media Tips

by Daniel Mikelonis


Small business owners often think their company isn’t right for social media marketing. Advertising on Facebook, Twitter or similar channels is seen as a tool for glamorous corporations like Red Bull, the energy drink empire that’s cool enough to sponsor someone skydiving (from the edge of space!) Traditional wisdom states online audiences won’t care about “average” businesses that spend their time actually working instead of staging publicity stunts.

That’s why it’s hard to believe a shipping company is beating Red Bull, Starbucks and even Disney at online user engagement.Maersk Line has 1.1 million fans that like, share and comment on their posts at the second highest rate on Facebook. There’s one strategy Maersk employs that makes them so effective:

Tell your audience a story.

This is the main reason Maersk’s social media profiles are engaging. Scroll through their Facebook timeline and you won’t see any posts proclaiming, “We’re a great shipping line, choose us to send your cargo!” Instead, Maersk talks about the travels of an individual ship for multiple posts or highlights the actions of one of its captains. Maersk consistently focuses on the people that make up its organization rather than the organization itself, which gives each post an underlying narrative.

This is something any small business could do. Let’s say a fictional landscaping company just completed a beautiful backyard project for a couple named John and Melinda. They could simply post an image of their work with the caption, “Look at the great job we did!” Alternatively, they could choose a caption that resonates with their audience. That could be a story like, “John and Melinda used to never go into their old boring backyard. After our landscaping work, they’re excited about all the outdoor fun in their future.”

Any business can find their niche on social media. However, telling stories your audience relates to is just one part of a successful strategy. This article was part of a series of social media tips to help you grow your small business online. To find out more about how advertising on Facebook, Twitter and other channels can help your company, contact Chansen Interactive today.