It’s Time to Get Your Business on the Map

Local SEO is the key to expanding your market share. You live, work, and do business in the Dallas metro area. Your SEO strategy should do the same thing.

MapsChansen Interactive targets all the factors local search engines watch when determining how they’re going to rank your business in maps results, including:

  • Robust local listings
  • Directory submissions
  • Location-specific keywords

We also use our expertise to navigate sticky issues, such as market service areas or multiple locations. Mishandling these issues can result in penalties down the line, so it pays to work with experts who care about you and your company.

Robust Local Listings

Our maps specialists help you create competitive directory listings which appear in the 7 “maps” results shown after each and every local search. You provide us with logos, photos, videos, and information about your location. We do the rest.


Citations, or directory listings, are the number one Local SEO ranking factor. We build them by distributing location information to multiple directories. This helps your SEO and creates additional ways for customers to find your business. We use a thorough competitive analysis to ensure our citation strategy always beats or exceeds your closest competitors.

Geo-Targeted Keywords

We use smart geo-targeting and thorough keyword research to bring customers right to your front door. You’ll never waste time competing with businesses outside of your market service area.

Serving all Texas Businesses

Remember, most searches are local searches. Most people do business with high-quality companies which are close to their homes.

Make sure you stay on their radar. Local Search accounts for 43% of your web traffic—which means you’ll lose 43% of your customers if you don’t have a winning strategy.

Get started today.