This Off-Site Edge Helps Your Business Thrive

Off-site SEO, or “link building,” matters just as much as on-site SEO does.

Your link profile is one of the most important ranking signals impacting your site—and it’s one of the easiest search engine marketing techniques to get wrong.

Build natural
link profiles

Benefit from
smart anchor text

Repair costly
search penalties

Chansen Interactive knows how to place a variety of natural links which help to increase your authority in the eyes of search engines and customers alike.

Build a Great Network

Earn trust in the eyes of the Internet. We work hard to place content and backlinks on highly relevant sites, without trying to cheat the system.
This means you get a natural backlink profile, instead of a
fly-by-night link list full of spam. We know one stellar link placement can do more for your business than 1,000 bad or sloppy placements, so we always work to score the high quality links search engines love.

Penalty Repair

Struggling to rank? You could be getting links from disreputable sources—links you didn’t ask for. We’ll scrub your profile clean, so every link you get is one you’d be proud to have associated with your business. You’ll watch your rankings improve, and you’ll get peace of mind, too.

Anchor text is another common stumbling block. Adding too many keywords to anchor text can result in penalties. We work to balance backlink text across all properties to stay within the parameters of white hat SEO best practices.

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