Did you know? Every year, PPC generates $11.8 billion in revenue for business owners around the world.

Stop Setting an Ad Budget. Start Creating an Ad Investment.

Every PPC ad should offer a significant return on investment. Do yours?

Is your ad copy strong enough to generate clicks? Does each ad lead to the right webpage? Are you choosing the right keywords? Most of all, are the people handling your PPC account AdWords Certified Professionals who know every single one of the industry best practices which help business owners make money?

Compelling ads


Launch multiple ads


Some digital marketing firms try to solve PPC issues by throwing more money at the problem. Chansen knows that’s not a solution. We know that achieving the best position is as much a matter of optimization as bidding. The highest bidder doesn’t always win—especially if search engines don’t perceive the highest bidder’s ads to be relevant to the customer’s search query.

Yes, I’m ready to stop losing money on PPC.

PPC Ad Copywriting

Our ads work. Even in small spaces. PPC character restrictions don’t stop us from creating copy that gets the click, even as we put your customers into a buyer’s frame of mind.

Geo-Targeted Keywords

Display your ads in the region where you do business, whether it’s a single city or an entire group of cities in a market service area. Save money by avoiding clicks from non-productive sources outside of your geographic region.

Multiple Ad Management

Multiple calls to action demand multiple ads. Create campaigns to target different areas of your website. Sell different products and different services to different audiences. This hyper-focus allows you to super-charge conversions.

A/B Testing

Don’t be content with ads which seem to perform. Profit from super-charged ads delivering maximum revenue. We write, rewrite, and aggressively test your full suite of ads, stretching your ad budget as far as possible to deliver the highest ROI.