Don’t Lose Touch

Email marketing is the single most powerful way to generate repeat business in today’s busy marketplace.

Don’t let customers get distracted by competitors. Make sure they remember your name by taking advantage of Chansen Interactive’s smart email marketing programs.

We watch all of the important metrics like subscribe rate, unsubscribe rates, open rates, and click-through rates. We know what it takes to make an email campaign successful, ensuring your consumers enjoy receiving mail from your company.

Build a Subscriber Base

Customers must opt-in to email lists. What will make them opt-in with yours? Work with Chansen Interactive to craft a compelling offer which leaves them hungry for more. Each offer is custom-built to make sense for your business.

Send Special Offers

Customers love getting coupons, special offers, sneak peeks and pre-order offers right in their inboxes. This can be a fast, easy way to move products and to book your services. Send an e-mail burst to your entire list, or segment your list to send your offer to a select few.

Create a Regular Newsletter

For some businesses it makes sense to send out a regular newsletter full of tips, tricks, and event announcements. We can even load these newsletters into an auto-responder, allowing you to keep right on communicating with your customers even when you’re not actively working for them and with them.

Start strategizing.

Every email strategy is a little different because every company is a little different. Working with Chansen Interactive means getting a smart campaign, not a cookie-cutter solution.

Get in touch with your customers today.